Real Estate Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Do you want to generate high quality converting leads? Sounds great, right? With over 3 Billion social network users the possibilities are endless. As a real estate professional, you will more than likely generate more leads if you can "show" that you are an Area Expert. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the perfect avenue to showcase your knowledge about your area.

Hyper-local focus:

Being able to target demographics to market to is a powerful tool in Social Media today. Filter by location, income level, job, or marital status to reach potential clients. Increase your following and broaden your professional network. When the time is right, these leads will become clients.

Here's a few tips to market yourself on Social Media:
  • Plan your marketing. Who is your target audience, what do they do for a living, is there an income level you are marketing to?
  • Once you determine your target audience, produce content that will resonate with them. Get them to engage using video and other visuals to solidify your message.
  • Decide which platform has the best chance to reach your target audience and publish.
  • Promote your content and measure the results. Are you attracting users from you target audience? How do they react to your content?
  • Engage and follow up. Check analytics and measure your results. Can you do something differently? Adjust and re-iterate until you are satisfied with your conversion rate.

Interested in having us manage your Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
Managed Real Estate campaigns are the top performing channel here at CovertAgent. They have high volume and good lead quality. We endlessly experiment and refine our craft. With daily adjustments, we see what works best and we roll that out to our clients' campaigns.

Our plans start out at $250/month + 10% of your ad budget. We work to drive high quality Buyer and Seller traffic to your website. With a CovertAgent Managed Website we increase the lead generation opportunity. Signup Today to Get Started with our real estate PPC management services.

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