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CovertAgent's real estate platform allows Brokers & Agents to focus on business while we manage the website details.

Practical Features

You need a website that is purposefully built for driving targeted traffic to you and your team; Converting only the highest quality of buyer and seller leads through our immersive platform. We work with Real Estate Professionals daily to improve in lead generation and we pass our knowledge on to all of our clients.

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Amazing Design

We work with you to create a beautiful and engaging website. All Broker websites are built with the latest features and technology.

Team / Client Manager CRM

You the Broker manage all leads (From the Broker Website or From Agent Websites). All leads get funneled to one system!

Lead Distribution

Intelligent Lead routing can be set to auto assign to Your Team based on Priority, Lead Count, or Round Robin.

Agent Websites

Agents can have their OWN websites independant of the Broker website while Leads and Clients are managed in the BROKERS CovertAgent CRM.

ROI Tracker

Set inbound lead source to track marketing ROI (return on investment) so that you can direct funds where they are most effectve.

Currated Content

We can currate lead generating content to improve your Search Engine results (SERP). Get closer to the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Social Media Tools

Boost viral growth with integrated social marketing and content sharing tools.

Lead Management

Website leads are automatically imported to our CRM for follow up and action lists.

Email Drip Marketing

Assign leads to any funnel... buyers, sellers, deals closed, market report ect.

Landing Pages

Ready made landing pages that you can deploy in minutes. Tested & Confirmed conversions from over 1 million in ad spend.

Advanced Listings

Set your listings apart with our conversion focused property pages. Featuring open house, viewing scheduler, live chat & more.

Home Value Pages

Funnel facebook ads to your home value page and generate new seller leads.

Hosting & Backups

All included and powered by Amazon AWS! Daily site backups for enhanced peace of mind.

Facebook Messenger

Have website visitors connect directly to your facebook messenger to communicate.

Targeted CTA's

Automatically cultivate online leads so that you can nurture them into deals.

Broker/Team Solutions

100% Managed Broker Website, Beautiful Custom Design, Covert IDX, CovertAgent CRM, Concierge Support.
Each of your agents can add an Agent Website FREE and if they would like IDX it has a one time setup fee.

Broker Pro Broker Website + CRM $299 /month
  • Covert IDX
  • CovertAgent CRM
  • First 3 Agents included
  • +$50/mo added agent
  • +$40/mo each 10+
  • +$30/mo each 20+
  • Free Agent Websites
  • Add-Products $49ea
Broker Pro+ Web +CRM +Blog $399 /month
  • Covert IDX
  • CovertAgent CRM
  • Managed Blog
  • First 3 Agents included
  • +$50/mo added agent
  • +$40/mo each 10+
  • +$30/mo each 20+
  • Free Agent Websites
  • Add-Products $39ea
Broker Pro++ Web +CRM +Blog +Social $499 /month
  • Covert IDX
  • CovertAgent CRM
  • Managed Blog/Social
  • First 3 Agents included
  • +$50/mo added agent
  • +$40/mo each 10+
  • +$30/mo each 20+
  • Free Agent Websites
  • Add-Products $29ea


Your Agents become "THE" Local Experts and Close More Deals!

Along with adding value for your website visitors, hyper-local landing pages improve SEO (search engine optimization). They usually have better Avg. Time on Page and lower bounce rates than traditional pages.

Providing information about the local area including Maps, Walk-Score, Shopping, Restaurants, Entertainment, City data, Communities, and Neighborhoods is seen by website visitors as an added benefit, especially when they are new to an area.

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