Real Estate Blogging SEO

Do you want to get free website traffic and convert that traffic into leads? Search Engine Optimization from blogging can achieve this.

Anyone can post to a blog and do it for free. But, if you want to get the most out of your content it takes time and planning. Well written, quality content that is keyword specific will give you the most SEO benefit. To see results from Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content the page needs to get traffic. SEO is the fuel and traffic is what ignites the fuel. SEO with traffic can make your content soar to the top of the search engines.

Once at the top of the search engines, you'll generate free organic traffic to the high quality content. Google and other search engine bots scan, rank, and index your pages daily looking for high quality content visitors are interested in. Using Social Media, allows you to disseminate your content fast and wide speeding up this process. These working in tandom will help reduce the normal 12-18+ months or more that it can take to see organic results.

Here are some steps to help you start real estate blogging like never before...
Identify your main keyword PLUS two or three supporting keywords. Use them throughout the post, in sub-headings, and even in your title. TIP: Google's keyword tool is a great resource to assist in generating topics for your content.

When creating your blog title, it should contain the main keyword and be enclosed in an html H1 tag. Adding the H1 tag tells the search engines, and your audience, what each section is about. Google ranking algorithms look at time on page, bounce rate, number of visitors, content, keyword density, html stucture and take into account many other data points in their ranking process.

You've heard that Content is King but, it is useless without traffic. Driving traffic, Engaging readers and keeping them on your website is essential. When writing, add references to other content on your website. This will allow you to link pages within your website; creating a web or network of content readers (and search engines) can follow. Plan on 300-500 words for each topic. Too short and it's not valueable. Too long and it may become tedious or boring.

Taking all of this into account, it's easy to see why typical blog posts can take over two hours to perfect. Here at CovertAgent, we put a lot of thought and effort into all of the content marketing we do. Niche-based topics get better results and are more likely to get on the first page of any search engine.

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